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Zero Contradictions Hello and welcome to my philosophy blog. My name is ZeroContradictions, and on this home page you will find links to my philosophical writings (highlighted in red), as well as links to posts from blogs written by different authors that have influenced my own philosophy (highlighted in blue), and links to videos, channels, or audio recordings (highlighted in green). As per its name, the goal of this blog is to create the best philosophy ever with Zero Contradictions, or to at least do my best at that. The Modern World has reached an unprecedented level of insanity due to immense evolutionary mismatch, and it is now more important than ever to get the philosophical grounding necessary for solving the problems set before us.

NOTE: As of November 2022, the vast majority of the red link posts written by myself are unfinished, and have sections that need further elaboration and/or updating with my current beliefs, but I'm publishing what I have already written for now for others to read if they'd like. If you have any constructive criticism on this blog's HTML/CSS design (it's my first time designing a website), please reach out to me at my contact page. I will probably have to learn how to write some YAML code and better CSS in order to optimize this blog's design.

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